Kellie Becker is currently showing at the Vegan cafe, Bloom in Bellingham, WA. Becker is showing 8 paintings at Bloom through the month of November. The first weekend of November, Bloom will be hosting an art walk. Kellie will be present at the showing on Friday evening, November 6th from 7 to 10pm.

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Today in Kellie Becker news. Last weekend Kellie went out for a drink with me and I got to hear all about her new paintings. I'm excited to say that they are quite enjoyable and I am hoping many people will want to purchase them. Recently Kellie sold two pieces to a fellow art enthusiast and fan; Jule Fairfield. Mrs. Fairfield probably hung her Kellie Becker originals in her home and likes to point them out to all her visitors.


For the holiday season, Kellie will be having special deals and sales on her prints ( of her paintings) and her hand painted magnets. At each of her exhibitions, Kellie will offer these wares for sale. If you purchase a print for $15.00 you will receive two magnets for free. Offer last as long as the magnet stock holds out so get there first! Wether for an office gift exchange or stocking stuffers these items make for great Holiday gifts!


Be sure to check back at for all the latest news, press and exhibtion information. Kellie updates often so stay tuned for the latest on Kellie Becker. And if you have any suggestions for art pieces, showings or for press injuires please go to the contact page and send Kellie an email. Suggestions are always welcome!




Kellie is always in the press. Mostly for her art work but sometimes it's for other reasons. Curerntly her piece, Things have been Chaning was featured in the magazine/book Blast. According to the publication, "Ms. Becker is an artist on the rise and is one to watch. Collectors should go now while they can afford her work. Soon she'll be too expensive for use regular people; only the rich will be Becker collectors"

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