2010 Bloom, Group Showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2010 Plum Bistro, Solo Showing, Seattle, Wa.
    2010 Cutz Meridian, Group Showings, Seattle, Wa.
    2010 Bemis Building annual spring art show, Juried exhibition, Seattle, Wa.
    2009 Come sit Stay, Silent Auction, Las Vegas.
    2009 Red Bicycle Bistro, Group Showing, Vashon, Wa.
    2009 Good Merchandise, Group Showing, Vashon, Wa.
    2009 Oohla's in Fremont, Solo Showing, Seattle, Wa.
    2009 Pazzo Coffee, Solo Showing, Auburn, Wa.
    2009 The Ground Floor Gallery, Group Showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2009 Infusion Gallery, Group showing, Los Angeles, Ca.
    2008 Gathering Glass Designs, Group showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2008 Prospect Street Café, Group showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2008 Avellino, Solo showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2008 Capital Hill Arts Center, Solo showing, Seattle, Wa.
    2007 CHAC, Group showing, Seattle, Wa.
    2007 Allied Arts, La Bella Strada Juried art competition, Bellingham, Wa.
    2006 Art auction for the YWCA, Bellingham, Wa.
    2006 Nightlight Lounge, Solo Showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2006 Market Depot, Art auction for Three Rivers Co-Op school, Bellingham, Wa.
    2006 Bay Street Coffee House, Solo showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2005 Gallery 124, The Last Super Club Solo showing, Seattle, Wa.
    2004 Mutiny Tattoo, Solo showing, Bellingham, Wa.
    2003 Art Technologies, Group showing, Lynnwood, Wa.