About Matt

It wasn’t until I moved to LA during the summer of 2001 and worked on my first film, “Haunted Boat” directed by Olga Levens, that I knew I had found my passion for film. I remember driving home from the first night of shooting, calling my mom and just feeling like I was on top of the world but the hunger had was just starting.

Since “Haunted Boat” I’ve worked with Terrance McClain on his LMU short “The Write Stuff”, Tarik Soliman’s USC short “Homecoming,” and Scott Hrybyk’s “The Movers”- all of which continued my progression as an actor and taught me the importance of “absorbing” the role.

In the spring of 2004 I participated in the 168 film festival where directors, actors, and producers come together and make a 10 minute short in 168 hours. I played a kidnapper in the film, “Tristan” in which I embodied my first true villain. The film went on to win best director, best cinematography, and best concept at the festival. Later that year I had the opportunity to travel with Olga to the Eerie Pennsylvania Horror Film Festival, where the film was nominated for best film and best actress. Haunted Boat was also recognized again this past April at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

If the fall of 2005 I booked a Co-Star role on the Emmy award winning drama “ER” with my own management company, AB Talent. I played the role of “Marshall,” who is a 1st year medical student under the supervision of Dr. Weaver. It was incredible opportunity to work with some amazing talent such as John Leguizamo and Maura Tierney.

In the June of 2006 I booked a McDonald’s commercial which is still running somewhere in the country. In August or 2006 my friend, Shannon O’Dowd, came to me about a part in a film she was producing called “Willie Mays and the Emptiness.” I auditioned, got the part, and proceeded to make my first physical sacrifice as an actor by dying my hair dark brown. It was a career changing moment because I haven’t gone back to blonde since.

2007 was somewhat of a quiet year due to the writer’s strike which crippled the Hollywood community. I kept busy working on my management company and taking classes until the Fall of 2008 which brought about another great experience: I booked the role of “Mark” in the Butterfinger’s Halloween internet short “Man hike into Madness.”

I’ve also been busy working with different improv troupes around LA: Sexy Funny, No Ho Ho HaHa’s, and Jive Turkey. All of these troupes are under the direction of the amazing, Donovan Scott. I also had the amazing opportunity to take a 2 year Meisner program under the teachings of Josh Biton and Anil Kumar. This experience changed my life not just as an actor but as person.

Currently I’m taking an on-camera/cold reading class with Lyle Kanouse, who has been an amazing mentor and friend for the past 7 years. I’m also working with the improv troupe Jive Turkey for some shows that are coming up later this year.